Pengembangan Bisnis UMKM Para Anggota Pekka, di Kelurahan Sadang Serang, Bandung

Allen Kristiawan, Nur Nur, Felicia Abednego, Ana Mariana, Rusli Ginting Munthe, Chandra Kuswoyo

The aim of our Community Service is to provide counseling and raise awareness to the community to independently meet their daily needs by entrepreneurship and carrying out marketing activities for their respective products, especially for female Pekka members. In their lives, the women who are members of Pekka are faced with economic problems that force them to make a living or in other words, the demands of being the head of the family. However, the condition of most of these women still does not have sufficient knowledge to run a business and adapt to new habits after the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred since 2020. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has been declared over, new habits continue. Consumers have changed their consumption behavior and these women MSMEs must be able to make adjustments to get their consumers back. Businesses must be diverted to using digital technology in their marketing, in the workshops we provide in the form of training on creating a canvas business model and creating promotional designs using the Canva and Instagram applications.

UMKM, Canvas business model, Canva and Instagram applications

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