Pendampingan Pembuatan Alat Peraga Edukatif Dengan Memanfaatkan Bahan Bekas Bagi Guru PAUD Anomgsiwi, Bantul

Purwanto , R Tosan Triputro , X Indri Prasasyaningsih

This community service is an activity based on the results of observations, surveys and discussions between the Team from the UKDW Product Design Study Program and a group of teachers at the Among student PAUD Kampung Dolanan, Pangungharjo Village, Bantul Regency. Based on the data in the field, there is a need for educational media in the form of Educational Teaching Aids (ETA) to train children's development by learning while playing in PAUD by utilizing used plastic materials. The use of used materials is in accordance with the Bantul local government program, which is currently the Panggungharjo Village which is a pilot in waste management and used materials. For this reason, the aim is to provide assistance to teachers to make ETA using used plastic materials from bottle caps, plywood and used paper. It is hoped that teachers will be motivated to develop their own educational aids after attending the assistance. The method used is by assisting the teachers to make 3 types of teaching aids, namely teaching aids for learning to count adding and subtracting, teaching aids for identifying types of fruit and teaching aids for arranging letters to form words. The results can be used for learning in students in improving children's development both cognitive and motor development. From mentoring activities produce Educational Teaching Aids (ETA) which are then applied with students in learning while playing where the tool is used by rotating it, hand movements loading and rotating the tool can help develop children's motor skills. Then through learning to count addition and subtraction, recognition of types of fruits and colors, and composing letters will help in children's cognitive development. The output of this activity is ETA which is equipped with a module for using tools donated to schools to add to school educational media facilities

educational teaching aids, used materials, plastic bottle caps

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