Workshop Supervisi Akademik dalam Perbaikan Mengajar Guru di Era Merdeka Belajar di Pondok Pesantren Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Parung Bogor

Suryadi Suryadi, Anim Purwanto, Rihlah Nur Aulia

This community service aims to implement an academic supervision workshop as a strategy to enhance the teaching quality of the teachers at Pondok Pesantren Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Parung Bogor in facing the challenges of the Learning Freedom Era. The workshop is focused on improving teaching skills to align with the increasingly dynamic demands of education. Through the academic supervision workshop, teachers are given the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and support in developing effective and innovative teaching methods. Collaboration and experience exchange among teachers are also essential parts of this program. Active participation from relevant stakeholders, such as the pesantren administrators, educators, and students, is key to the success of this workshop. With the involvement of all parties, this program has the potential to create a positive learning environment and improve the quality of education. Through this academic supervision workshop, teachers are expected to experience professional growth and adopt an approach that is responsive to changes in the education world. The sustainability of this program is also an integral part of the curriculum plan and teacher's professional development, in line with the spirit of the Learning Freedom Era to achieve better and more meaningful education for students.

academic supervision, teaching, learning Freedom Era, pesantren

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