Rasio Social Return on Investment: Penerapan Program CSR Pemberdayaan Masyarakat sekitar Pabrik PT Sidomuncul Tbk.

Elizabeth Lucky Maretha Sitinjak, Rafellino Gardica, Stephana Dyah Ayu

Warehouse Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program PT Sido Muncul has a community empowerment program, related to the company's concern for the environment, social and economy of the surroundings. The community empowerment given to the team is the avocado tourism village (DEWI) CSR and the lembu-lemu CSR. This CSR program has been going on for a long time, about two to three years before the pandemic and during the pandemic assistance was carried out in the field but did not meet, communicated via whats-up to the residents being assisted. If there is a disease in the avocado, PT Sidomuncul will provide herbal ingredients in the form of environmentally friendly herbal medicines. Likewise, for the Lembu Lemu CSR, it is given food and care using herbal waste from the factory which increases the immunity of the cows. The team conducted research related to the measurement of Social Return on Investment (SROI) for the two CSR programs of PT Sido Muncul Factory, as well as dedication in the form of assistance to farmers and breeders to record receipts and expenditures to carry out the CSR program. The result is the calculation of SROI. The value of the program's SROI at the PT Sido Muncul Factory was carried out using primary data sources obtained from questionnaires given to the community and interviews conducted for several key people in the CSR development. The team also used secondary data sources obtained from financial reports made by the company PT Sido Muncul in the two CSR programs. The results of the SROI show > 1, meaning that the benefits of PT Sido Muncul's CSR impact are felt by farmer members (DEWI Alpokat) and livestock (lembu lemu) in the Klepu area, Bergas District, Ungaran City.

CSR, DEWI Alpukat, Lembu Lemu, SROI

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