Rancang Bangun Sistem Penilaian Akreditasi Program Studi Diploma 3 Bidang Infokom Berbasis Website

Dian Pramadhana, Iryanto iryanto, Refina Aninda Legia, Muhammad Anis Al Hilmi

Accreditation is very important. The quality of higher education can be reflected in the accreditation held by universities or study programs. The sustainability of a study program or higher education institution is also determined by accreditation. Accreditation needs to be carried out in accordance with applicable provisions/instruments. Even though the study program accreditation certificate is valid for five years, both the study program management unit and the study program need to prepare it on an ongoing basis to meet the set criteria. Therefore, in this Community Service activity, the author carried out website-based software development activities for simulating the accreditation of the Diploma 3 Study Program in Informatics and Computers (Infokom). This software development activity in PkM aims to assist Study Programs in preparing study program accreditation with instruments in accordance with LAM INFOKOM. Software development is developed using the waterfall model. The test results show that the developed software has run well according to user requirements.

accreditation, infokom accreditation, informatics engineering accreditation, study program accreditation

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