Pendampingan Desain Kemasan Produk Olahan Jamur Kelompok Suryatani di Kampung Wisata Suryatmajan

Kristian Oentoro, Christmastuti Nur, Wiyatiningsih Wiyatiningsih, Dwi Aditiyarini, Arida Susyetina

Limited land does not become an obstacle for urban communities to farm and increase the productivity of the existing land. One of them is shown by the Suryatani Farmer Group in Suryaatmajan Village, Danurejan District, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. The farmer group in this area continues to actively innovate agricultural processed products, one of which is mushroom processed products. However, the packaging design and sales feasibility quality have not yet supported attracting consumer interest. Therefore, this community service from Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana is carried out to develop an attractive packaging design to support Suryaatmajan Tourist Village. This program is carried out in 5 stages over 2 months, namely planning, collaborative design concept development, evaluation, refinement, and production. This activity was followed by 30 residents, who gave a very good response for each activity. Residents can identify the importance of design elements on packaging, such as product names, company logos or brands, company contacts, product content/weight, Halal labels, processed product compositions, to PIRT numbers. In addition, the packaging design also pays attention to aesthetic, functional, and branding aspects. Through the workshop, 1 (one) logo and 3 (three) packaging designs were produced for mushroom bakpia, mushroom satay/martabak, and crispy mushrooms. Based on the evaluation results, residents hope for the continuity of this community service programme towards online marketing direction

design, mushroom procesed products, Yogyakarta

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