Pemberdayaan Masyarakat RW 12 Demangan Yogyakarta Melalui Kreasi Produk Inovasi Wedang Tisane Cabe Jawa (Piper retrofractum Vahl.)

Dwi Aditiyarini, Maria Jessica Sutjahja, Fanny Nurwanto, Catarina Aprillia Ariestanti, Yoga Angkawijaya Kristiawan

Urban farming is a government program in Yogyakarta that is being intensively carried out as a concrete step to support food security and the environment. One of the areas assisted by the government in Yogyakarta is RW 12 Kalurahan Demangan, Kemantren Gondokusuman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, which is a superior product of Java Long Pepper. It has high economic value, but so far, it has been used as an ingredient in traditional herbal medicine, which is of little interest to the millennial generation. Java Long Pepper can be developed during the post-harvesting stage to increase its storage time and economic value. Therefore, Faculty Biotechnology collaborates with the community at RW 12 to develop innovative Java chili products. One of these is Wedang Tisane Cabe Jawa. Community services program consist of coordination, discussion, and training involving 20 residents. This product has attractive colours and flavours. It retains the characteristics of Java chili, such as its warm and spicy sensations. Additionally, a modern form of product can increase customer interest. This training is expected to spark the community’s creativity in developing modern herbal products from of Java Long Pepper.

community, Java long pepper, product, tisane, urban farming

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