Peningkatan Kemampuan Guru di Komunitas Literasi YBM dan SMP BOPKRI 3 Yogyakarta dalam Berwirausaha Tulisan

Budi Sutedjo Dharma Oetomo

In this era of information, educators have vast opportunities to embark on the journey of information entrepreneurship through writing. This entrepreneurial endeavor involves publishing their works across various categories, such as features, opinions, popular scientific articles, and books. The primary aim of this community engagement is to motivate, enlighten, and equip teachers affiliated with the "Literacy Community: Let's Learn to Write" and SMP BOPKRI 3 Yogyakarta. Through this initiative, teachers can develop writing entrepreneurship, which, in turn, will advance the community and schools, benefiting students, society, and improving their families' well-being. The training program employs a methodology encompassing motivational sessions, interactive learning, guided practice, constructive feedback, presentation or sharing, and activity evaluation. To captivate participants' interest, experienced academics and journalists with a background in writing entrepreneurship serve as resource persons. Intensive mentorship is provided to assist participants until their works are published on an online platform. Following the training, the participants exhibit enthusiasm and newfound motivation to write, especially as they acquire various writing techniques across different genres. With the guidance of the resource persons, several participants have successfully published their works in online media. The participants' zeal is further demonstrated by their collective decision, together with the resource persons and facilitators, to publish an anthology featuring their short autobiographies.

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