Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Monitoring Praktik Kerja Lapangan Siswa SMK Teladan Kertasemaya

Riyan Farismana, Miftahus Surur, Dita Rizki Amalia, Darsih Darsih

One of the objectives of SMK is to prepare its graduates to enter the world of work. In line with that, the Kertasemaya Teladan Vocational School requires its students to take part in field work practices in related agencies or industries. The limited number of teachers and the spread of locations where students practice field work make student monitoring during field work practice less than optimal, because teachers must monitor directly by visiting field work practice sites, meeting agency supervisors and ensuring the field work practice process goes well. Therefore, in this community service opportunity, we are trying to build an information system for monitoring field work practices for students at the Kertasemaya Teladan Vocational High School where students can take attendance using mobile devices according to location coordinates, and make journals that are validated by agency supervisors, and send reports. , thus ensuring that students are present during field work practices and carry out work in accordance with the tasks authorized by the supervisor. With this system, the school can see student activities during street vendors quickly and ensure students develop according to their competence.

field work practice, information system, monitoring, SMK

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