Inovasi Produk Teh Fermentasi Cabe Jawa (Piper retrofractum Vehl.) pada Kelompok Tani Sumber Rejeki RW 12 Kalurahan Demangan, Yogyakarta

Catarina Ariestanti, Yoga Kristiawan, Dwi Aditiyarini, Maria Sutjahja, Fanny Nurwanto

Urban farming has become a government initiative in Yogyakarta that is intensively promoted as a concrete step to sustain food security and protect the environment. One location that has received special attention from the government in Yogyakarta is RW 12 Demangan sub-district, located in Kemantren Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta Special Region. This area is a center of excellence for Javanese chili, a high-value commodity. Despite its significant economic value, until now, Javanese chili has only been utilized as an ingredient in traditional herbal concoctions, which is of little interest to the millennial generation. However, opportunities for the development of Javanese Chilli are still open in the post-harvest stage by extending its storage period and economic value. Therefore, the Faculty of Biotechnology collaborated with the community in RW 12 to develop innovative products based on Javanese Chilli. Product diversifications include Wedang Tisane Javanese Chilli, Javanese Chilli Oil, and Javanese Chilli Fermented Tea. The community service program involved coordination, discussion, and training with the involvement of residents. This modern form of product diversification can increase consumer interest. The training will trigger community creativity in developing Javanese Chilli-based diversified products.

fermented tea, Java Long Pepper, urban farming

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