Penyusunan Buku Pembantu Pencatatan Persembahan Warga Jemaat Berbasis Komputer di GKJ Jatimulyo Yogyakarta

Yetli Oslan, Harianto Kristanto, Charis Amarantini, Raden Gunawan Santosa, Lussy Ernawati

Congregational offerings are one of the regular sources of church financial revenue. Although the recording of this offering looks simple, manual recording has the potential to cause problems, including lost offering cards, disorderly recording, the congregation’s negligence in submitting their obligations, and difficulty obtaining information regarding offerings. The Stewardship Division, which is responsible for the functioning of finances and infrastructure at GKJ Jatimulyo, deems it necessary to make improvements to the management of church finances, especially for recording the offerings of congregation members. The auxiliary book is prepared to accommodate in detail 3 (three) types of congregational offerings, namely development offerings, mulyowasono offerings, monthly offerings, each of which has a different account code. This Community Service (PkM) aims to provide a solution to overcome the problem of recording offerings manually. Collaboration between the PkM team and church administrators in the field of stewardship has resulted in a design for an offering recording feature that covers the three types of offerings in detail, and issues summary information on offerings in the selected category.

recording offerings, auxiliary books, monthly offerings, development offerings, mulyowasono offerings

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