Pelatihan Akuntansi dan Pemasaran Pada UMKM Desa Ciporeat

Agusthino Alfred Yarangga, Santy Setiawan

Marketing and financial recording for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the current era of digitalization are experiencing advancements, such as digital marketing activities. Students from Maranatha Christian University, through their Community Service Program (KKN) themed project, are conducting identification and efforts to develop the potential of Ciporeat village in Cilengkrang Sub-district, Bandung. The purpose of implementing this KKN program is for students to gain learning experience through direct involvement with the community to identify, formulate, and solve the problems faced by the community as UMKM owners in Ciporeat Village. The target of this KKN program is entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as MSME owners in the village. The planned activities include counseling, visits, observations, and interviews with partners. The results of this program show that MSME owners in Ciporeat Village, Bandung City, tend to not practice good accounting, promotion, and marketing. Some MSME owners in Ciporeat Village also lack knowledge about accounting and the purpose of financial reporting, how to market their products effectively, and how to trade properly. The lack of knowledge about accounting records is the main problem faced by MSME owners. This community service program helps provide knowledge to all MSME owners in Ciporeat Village to implement simple accounting practices and how to conduct effective marketing in their business activities so that they can improve the financial performance of their businesses.

accounting, Ciporeat, marketing, and MSME

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