Pendampingan Diversifikasi dan Pemasaran Produk Minuman Herbal pada Kelompok Wanita Sambung Rasa

Astuti Setyani, Eka Wibawa, Kukuh Madyaningrana

The Sambung Rasa Women's Group, which was just formed in 2022, is a group consisting of housewives, some of whom do not have businesses. The Sambung Rasa Women's Group is located in Ngepukan Village, Jatinom Village, Tulung District, Klaten Regency. In this area there are still many fields or gardens planted with empons such as ginger, turmeric, ginger and galangal. However, the garden produce is sold in the form of empon-empon at a cheap price. So, it is less possible to increase the income or income of the mothers of the Sambung Rasa Women's Group. The hope is that the harvest can be further processed so that the selling value will be higher. With the formation of the Sambun Rasa Women's group, they want to improve the welfare of their members by carrying out activities that are expected to increase income. In 2003 WHO recommended the use of traditional and herbal medicines for health, both for prevention and treatment, especially chronic diseases and cancer. However, consumption of herbal medicines among the younger generation is now showing a decline. The reason is mainly because it tastes bitter and is not practical. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify herbal products to attract the interest of the younger generation in herbal medicines. The aim of this service is to help the Sambung Rasa Group in processing various herbal drinks such as fragrant ginger, tamarind turmeric, red ginger, temu lawak and seruni (ginger and lime sere) in powder and solid form. The problem that occurs is that the Sambung Rasa Women group is having difficulties with how to process, diversify and market these herbal drinks. With this service, we have provided training on how to make herbal drinks, including packaging and marketing. Group members can now make herbal drink products in powder and solid form. Diversification of products made from fragrant ginger, tamarind turmeric, red ginger, temu lawak and seruni (serune ginger and lime). The marketing carried out is still entrusted to shops without using social media. The Sambung Rasa Women's Group was also given training in determining the cost of products.

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