Menyongsong Pesta Pemilihan Umum 2024

Demson Tiopan

The Indonesian Democratic Party will come soon, namely in 2024. According to KPU data, 56% of national voters in 2024 will be Gen Z and also millennials. Nearly 46.8 million future voters are Gen Z. With the large amount of data on the number of Gen Z voters dominating, a special strategy is needed to prevent these new voters from practical political practices such as identity politics and the use of hoaxes. There are several ways that can be done, namely by educating oneself with adequate political education, and avoiding hoaxes and identity politics. There are several ways to independently educate these prospective voters, namely by finding out the track records of the legislators and candidates for the regions and the president they will elect. Whether they set an example of good political behavior or not. Apart from that, there are efforts by the government to support the activities of the upcoming 2024 General Election so that they become conducive, namely by providing good political education to the public and often conducting political outreach to the community. The implementation method used in this community service activity, the process carried out is a question-and-answer session. The resource person was asked a number of questions relating to several cases that have caught the public's attention related to the General Election at the previous democratic party, namely in 2019.

Indonesian general election 2024, community service, constitutional law

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