Pendapingan Penyusunan Materi Ajar Computational Thinking di SMA Budya Wacana

Lucia Dwi krisnawati, Aditya Wikan Mahastama, Katon Wijana

The foundation of Senior High School (SMA) Budya Wacana (BW) decided to use Information Communication Technology Subject (ICT) as its flagship program to leverage its competitiveness. The problem rises when the school is neither ready with curriculum on ICT nor the teacher handbooks on this subject. As a follow-up from the agreement between the BW foundation and IT faculty of UKDW, we did an assistance for providing a teacher handbook on Computational Thinking (CT) as the content of ICT subject based on the curriculum tailored specially for SMA Budya Wacana. The assistance and the knowledge transfer on CT were done through intensive Focus Group Discussion that was held in blended mode, i.e online and offline. The output of this assistance takes form of a set of teacher and student handbooks on CT for Grade X which consist of materials for 14 meetings. In each meeting, the CT skills and domain are carried out into games and Bebras tests. The 4 CT skills introduced comprise abstraction, algorithmic thinking, generalization, and decomposition. The handbooks were already used as a material for teaching on the last semester.

computational thinking, assistance, ICT, FGD

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