Inovasi Alat Permainan Edukatif model pendekatan STEAM PAUD

Marcellino Aditya Mahendra, Centaury Harjani, Stefani Natalia Sabatini

Educational Game Tools (APE) made from bamboo can be the answer for PAUD teachers in schools who want to develop learning models for teaching their students. One of the targets for developing this learning model is APE, which applies the STEAM approach model with natural ingredients as the main ingredient. Currently, APE with natural materials that have good durability is rarely found because it is replaced with APE made from plastic. APE made from bamboo, which is quite affordable, can be the answer to this condition. Bamboo materials and bamboo artisans can still be found easily in Sendari, Sleman, and Yogyakarta, but there are few APE made from natural bamboo. One of the objectives of this PkM activity is to bring innovation in the development of bamboo APE products so that they have a new market segment, namely the world of education. The specific purpose of this service is to develop innovative APE product crafts from bamboo based on the STEAM PAUD approach model, which can support teaching and learning activities in the independent curriculum in early childhood education. The experimental method is used to develop initiatives and conduct workshops/training by realizing the innovation of the APE product development concept in prototypes. The development of APE product innovation will be adjusted to the potential skills of Sendari PKK members.

APE, Bamboo Sendari, PAUD, STEAM

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