Identifikasi Risiko Kerusakan Bangunan Sekolah Di Daerah Terdampak Gempa Cianjur

Deni Setiawan

The earthquake disaster that occurred in the Cianjur on November 21 2022 resulted in extraordinary damage to buildings, including school buildings, residential houses and others. The damage to the school building had an impact on students' ability to carry out the normal teaching-learning process after the disaster. Disaster investigation and mitigation activities are very important and need to be carried out quickly, to produce a document recommending whether the building can be used or whether it needs minor or major repairs. The formulation of the problem is how the level of damage to elementary school buildings and junior high school buildings due to the earthquake that occurred on November 21 2022 can be mapped so that a technical recommendation document for the repair stages required for the relevant parties, namely the Cianjur Regency Education Office, can be prepared. The aim of this community service activity is to identify disaster risks, namely in buildings, especially elementary school and junior high school buildings in the Cianjur Regency area, to obtain data on building damage due to the earthquake that occurred on November 21 2022. Further damage data used as study material to prepare technical recommendations for the Cianjur District Education Office, namely that the building can be used (no structural damage and only non-structural damage with minor repairs), the building needs minor or major repairs so that it can be used again after the disaster

building, Cianjur, damage, earthquake

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