Edukasi dan Penyaluran Kacamata sebagai Upaya Menjaga Kesehatan Mata pada Anak Sekolah Dasar di SDN 1 Balerante, Kabupaten Klaten

Matahari Indonesia, Widya Manus, Saskia sutanto, Agnes Purnomo, Yosef Pradana, Vinaldee Mitakda

Maintaining eye health is very important to do from an early age. The prevalence of eye health problems in Indonesia has also continued to increase, for this reason, education as early as possible for elementary school children, especially at SDN 1 Balerante, Klaten Regency, is carried out to raise awareness of eye health. This program was initiated by the Lion Club Yogyakarta Roro Jonggrang, Lions Club Klaten Seruni Host in collaboration with the Community Service Team from the UKDW Faculty of Medicine. Lions Club assisted in providing free glasses facilities and the Service Team facilitated eye examinations and education. SDN 1 Balerante was chosen for this program because of its poor access to special eye health services and a program like this has never been held there before. The target age was 6 to 12-year-olds or grades 1 to 6 in Elementary School. Educational sessions were carried out in classes using eye props and flyers. Lessons include drawing and labeling eyes, as well as a pre-post test to assess the understanding of the students. Free eye examinations for the students were also held by ophthalmologist so. Complimentary eyeglasses are also provided to children in need at SDN 1 Balerante Quantitative and qualitative evaluations were conducted, including pre and post-test analysis. A joint discussion was held at the end of the activity by the UKDW and Lions Club teams. An outreach activity with a theme of eye health, integrated from educational activities for both teachers and students, eye examinations as part of early detection efforts, and curative efforts through the provision of eyeglasses

vissus screaning, eye health awareness, elementary school education, childhood eye care, community outreach programme

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