Pelatihan Fotografi Produk bagi Kelompok Usaha di Kelurahan Suryatmajan Yogyakarta

Christmastuti Nur, Kristian Oentoro, Arida Susyetina, Wiyatiningsih Wiyatiningsih, Dwi Aditiyarini

Kampung Suryatmajan has several startup groups that have the potential to be developed as part of an integrated tourism village. These business start-up groups include the Guava Farmers Group, Surya Tani Group, Migunani Farmers Group, and Sekar Mataram Fabric Processing Group. To market their products, the business start-up group in Suryatmajan Village needs a digital marketing strategy to reach a wider range of consumers. The first step that needs to be done is to take photos as a visual medium that represents the product and attracts consumer interest. However, these start-up groups do not have any commercial photo products. Therefore, this Community Service activity aims to provide product photography training using a camera from a cell phone for business start-up groups in Suryatmajan Village. This activity consists of six steps called ODSIMED: Observation, Development, Socialisation, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Dissemination. The result of this training is that participants can apply basic photography principles to produce informative and communicative product photos. They also independently take photos of business start-up products and upload them regularly on social media.

community service, entrepreneurship, product photography

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