Pengabdian kepada Komunitas Peduli Anak Spesial (K-PAS) melalui Perancangan Media Pendukung Pameran untuk Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan Berbasis Kreativitas

Christine Claudia Lukman

Komunitas Peduli Anak Spesial (K-PAS) is a forum for youth with special needs such as Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, and so on. K-PAS was formed because of the needs of parents who want their children with special needs and have grown up to be independent and able to actualize themselves. Various training activities are carried out to support skill improvement and build mentality as an adult. Painting is one of the activities to train fine motor skills, concentration, and selfactualization. To increase the public's appreciation of the work of the young generation with special needs, an exhibition was held featuring the works of artists from K-PAS and Art Gallery 10 on Jalan Rebana 10 Bandung entitled "KAPASITAS KERTAS". K-PAS requested the lecturers and students of Visual Communication Design, Maranatha Christian University to make supporting media for the exhibition, namely catalogs, exhibition posters, and certificates for their webinar activities. This community service is carried out in several stages, namely data collection, design of exhibition support media, design consultation with K-PAS, making final artwork, and submitting media in digital form to make it more economical and more accessible to exhibition visitors. By means of the supporting media of this exhibition, the works of young people with special needs are appreciated by the wider community. It is hoped that the creative works on display can be sold so as to improve their welfare

appreciation, exhibition, painting, youth with special needs

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