Penerapan Metode Aset Based Community Development dalam Edukasi Pengolahan Limbah Fesyen

Monica Hartanti, Christine Lukman, Seriwati Ginting

Sustainable fashion is a concept of concern for the environment that emerged due to the high level of waste in the fashion industry. Utilizing fast-fashion waste in upcycling fashion is an effort to reduce waste. Based on this thought, the management of GKP and SMAK BPPK Bandung asked the community services team of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Maranatha Christian University to carry out activities that raised the issue of sustainability through fashion upcycling. This activity is carried out in several stages, namely fashion upcycling education workshop, which processes pieces of used jeans, used t-shirts with several sewing techniques, Macrame, and Tie-dye. The next stage is labelling the upcycling fashion products produced to be marketed in the local community. The method of this activity uses Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). The results of this activity show that fashion upcycling education is interesting and easy to do. So, that becomes an effort to process fashion waste into products with a longer shelf life and be an additional income for those who can do this. In this activity, community partnerships, higher education, and industry are good collaborations that can support circular fashion.

ABCD, community, fashion upcycling, fashion waste

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