Pengembangan Desain Fasilitas Duduk Outdoor Amphiteater Hotel GAIA sebagai Upaya Branding Identitas Lokal Jawa Barat

Yunita Setyoningrum, Carina Tjandradipura, Yosepin Sri Ningsih, Kezia Clarissa Langi

Hotel GAIA Bandung is a new resort hotel in North Bandung, opened in 2020 with the concept of ‘active rest’. They provide hospitality concept of local-modern creative for their guests. An open-air amphitheater is provided both for guests and public to gather in social creative events, such as Music-Movie, Food-Craft, Sports-Outdoor, Arts-Design-Photography dan Kids Cads play studio. GAIA invited Faculty of Arts and Design Maranatha Christian University to re-design sustainable seating facility for the amphitheater, because the existing facility was not precisely adequate. The collaboration aimed to create seating facility with values of clarity, functionality, and quality as the solution of sustainability. Through a community service activity, Interior Design Dept. and Diploma Program of Arts and Design of Maranatha Christian University collaborated to explore several approaches of combining Sundanese local values and West Java nature characteristics to create the seating facility. The design output were several metaphoric design alternatives developed from West Java local elements, such as symbolic motif ‘kawung’, traditional children game ‘oray-orayan’, implemented biophilic characters such as row of mountains, river flows, and the iconic Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, and also reinterpreted weaving pattern from Javanese coastal region iconic pattern with the influence of Chinese-European.

amphitheater, leisure, neo-vernacular, seating, sustainability

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