Company Profile Berbasis Augmented Reality

Matahari Bhakti Nendya, I Kadek Dendy Senapartha

Augmented reality (AR) has emerged as a promising technological advancement in the digital age, offering opportunities for enhancing company profiles and delivering novel experiences to users and stakeholders. One of the application models in the field of augmented reality (AR) development pertains to the utilisation of AR technology for the creation of company profiles. This model assumes a significant role in shaping the overall perception of a company by effectively presenting its vision, mission, products, services, and accomplishments. To bolster their competitive edge and provide captivating user experiences, PT Miland Cipta Usaha partnered with FTI UKDW to create a company profile utilising augmented reality (AR) technology. The development process encompassed several distinct stages, which encompassed Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), product determination, training, and the development of an AR application. The application was developed utilising the Sceneform platform on the Android operating system. The provision of support led to the development of an enhanced information application that showcases the corporate profile of PT Miland Cipta Usaha when users scan the company's business card. The efficiency improvements, user satisfaction ratings, and effectiveness score of the application were assessed through the utilisation of an AR Checklist. The results indicated a 44% increase in efficiency, user satisfaction ratings of 31.4%, and an effectiveness score of 39.3%.

android, AR checklist, augmented reality, company profile, sceneform

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