Edukasi Dampak Penggunaan Media Sosial (Tik Tok, Youtube dan Instagram) di Kalangan Anak-Anak

Safrudiningsih Safrudiningsih, Ratih Damayanti, Sisca Gurning

This article discusses the educational activities of Media Literacy Counseling carried out by the Indonesian Television Academy Community Service team in collaboration with the Pundi Amal Peduli Kasih Foundation (YPP). The mission was to educate elementary school students in the Jabodetabek area for one year. This activity has the goal that elementary school students have awareness and can filter various information they access from social media, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This research uses the case study method by observing and interviewing elementary school students regarding their social media habits and use. Activities are carried out by counseling using audio-visual methods and storytelling creativity from the extension team so that students can absorb the material well and apply it in their social media activities. The positive result of this literacy activity is the growing awareness of students to be selective when choosing content on social media. It was obtained from the evaluation submitted by their teachers that there was a change in student behavior when accessing information and entertainment from the three social media.

education, literacy, social media

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