Inovasi Mesin Pengering Kemiri Dan Manajemen Usaha Dalam Meningkatkan Nilai Ekonomi Kelompok Usaha Kemiri Kabupaten Sumbawa

Mietra Anggara, Silvia Firda Utami, Reza Muhammad Rizqi

Batulanteh District is the largest candlenut-producing district in Sumbawa Regency with total production of 285.17 tons. From 7 villages in Batulanteh District. Punik Hamlet is one of the candlenut-producing areas with the closest location to the city center. One of the candlenut businesses groups that our partners collaborate with, chaired by Mrs. Nur Hasanah, sells dried candlenuts obtained from farmers in wet form. This candlenut business started in 2015 with currently 3 employees. This candlenut business group is located in Punik Hamlet, Batulanteh District, Sumbawa Regency, So far, they have not implemented post-harvest candlenut technology. During the candlenut harvest season, every week this business group buys the candlenut harvest from farmers in wet conditions. Based on the results of discussions with partners, the problems currently being faced are in the areas of production and management. This activity aims to resolve problems faced by partners in the fields of production organizational management and financial management. Methods for implementing activities include coordination and discussion with partners, design, and manufacture of candlenut drying machines, training on operation and maintenance of drying machines, increasing candlenut drying productivity, HR and Organizational management training, and financial accounting training. The results of the service activities obtained are the use of a drying machine which can increase the productivity of drying candlenuts. Business employees understand the management function, namely POAC, and will start implementing it. Starting from the planning stage of making a business plan for the next 3 months, the organizing stage by creating and socializing the organizational structure and division of work. Apart from that, the use of the Buku Warung application shows that partners have significant interest and positive responses and can apply simple financial accounting standards in managing business finances with the help of the Buku Warung application.

candlenuts, drying machines, organizational management, financial management

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