Perancangan Taman Kuliner Guna Peningkatan Ekonomi Desa Bulan Kec Wonosari Kab Klaten

Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo

Lecture of Society Empowerment (KKN) is a form of student social service activities with a scientific and sectoral approach at certain times and fields in Indonesia. The implementation of the KKN activities lasted about 45 days in Bulan Village, Klaten Regency, Wonosari District. The main road of Bulan Village is an alternative Yogyakarta-Solo route and is busy with various MSMEs. This is the potential of Bulan Village to increase the economy of Bulan Village with various MSMEs. This potential must be supported by creating containers for them to sell in an orderly manner. One of the efforts made is the creation of a Culinary Park which also functions to increase the existence of Bulan Village. The design of the Culinary Garden consists of several design methods, namely site surveys, making a floor plan in 2 dimensions, making a master plan in 3 dimensions, making a budget plan for the construction of a Culinary Park. The Culinary Garden is designed in detail and systematically according to the needs. Therefore, the UNS KKN team created a Culinary Garden Design program to improve the economy and existence of the village of Bulan Kec. Wonosari, Kab. Klaten.

KKN, Bulan Village, potential, UMKM, economy, culinary park

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