Pendampingan Komunitas UMKM Paroki Santo Thomas Rasul Bedono, Ambarawa

Lenny Setyowati

This community service activities have been done in the middle of the academic year 2022-2023. The aim of this abdimas is to activate the small medium micro-business (UMKM) community of St. Thomas apostle Bedono's parish, which already exists, but it is not fully developed. The purpose of this community is to give knowledge about the use of social media as a promotioning tool of the UMKM community of St. Thomas apostle Bedono's parish. The UMKM’s images on the website are very simple. A product depends not only on the quality of the product but on how the photo of the product is promoted on media both websites, and social media. Most of UMKM people who are in the lower middle class and have only the basic mobile phone equipment with the standard camera quality. Poor photo techniques will have an impact on the product's appeal, resulting in an impact on the sale of the product. Output from devotionals are the application of social media as a media promotion and copywriting on its upload, photography training using mobile phones to upload on social media to UMKM perpetrators and the UMKM community’s websites and writing the articles about UMKM in the parish that have not been actively involved. The interview was written as articles published on the parish UMKM community website. The effect of this community service activity is those UMKM can promote their products by uploading interesting photos and persuasive copywriting on their social media, thus encouraging consumers to purchase, thus expanding markets and increasing revenue for them.

copywriting, parish, photography, promotion small middle-class microbusiness

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