Membangun Kecerdasan Interpersonal Anak melalui Pendampingan Sesi Aktivitas Kelompok pada Ibadah Anak

Anisza Ratnasari, Nadia Diandra, Prita Karina Diandra, Ida Ayu Sawitri Dian Mawarni, Michael Michael, Angelina Angelina

Children's worship aims to build a child's relationship with God, nurture their relationships with others, and develop their Christian faith from an early age. These activities, which are part of the GKI GS children's commission, are held every Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM WIB. Conducted throughout May 2023, the focus of these activities is on serving children in the 1st grade of elementary school, with a total of 42 children. The implementation method involves guiding the activities in praise sessions, Bible teaching, activities, and reflection sessions. Recognizing the importance of developing multiple intelligences through heart, head, and hand in children, integration across each session is carried out from the preparation, execution, evaluation, to reflection stages. Additionally, the group activity sessions through various activities such as role-playing, problem-solving oriented learning, thematic learning, and reading comprehension, can sharpen the children's interpersonal intelligence. Through this series of activities, it is hoped that children will not only understand worship as a routine but also see it as a means to develop their interpersonal intelligence along with the growth of their faith.

children's worship, Sunday school, group activities, children's creativity, interpersonal intelligence

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